When Sidney Nolan first purchased Rodd Farm for the Trust in 1985 he was taken by the Welsh Black breed and the wonderfull horned black bulls that he saw in the shows and markets around Wales. Although, historically,The Rodd had been associated with breeding pedigree Herefords, it was the jet black cattle, that reminded him of the mythical Minotaur, that he chose for the farm. Time has shown that whilst being an exceptional breed, the Welsh Black is not ideally suited to the lush, fastgrowing pastures of the Hindwell Valley and in recent years the cows have been crossed with pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls.  With all replacement females being home bred heifers the herd of Rodd Black cattle is gradually evolving to be a healthy and productive part of the farm organism.

Where possible most Rodd Black cattle offspring are fattened off grass and sold through an organic producer group to premium retail outlets. Some are slaughtered at the local organic accredited abbatoir (Griffiths, Leintwardine) with carcasses sent to the Small Farms Butchers at Hay-on-Wye where butcher Tom Bounds expertly hangs and butchers them. Carcasses are hung for 23-28 days and meat can be purchased via this website (chilled if on the day of receipt from the butcher or otherwise frozen).


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