85th Birmingham Guides try pond dipping and paint

85th Birmingham Guides from Erdington visited the Trust for pond dipping and painting.

They met chickens and geese, Effie the sheep dog, sheep and cattle. The girls explored the shallow part of the river and discovered a host of river species, including this  American signal crayfish.

They enjoyed the feel of cold water on their hands and in their wellington boots.

They loved the buttercup meadows and stepping in cow pats!

Looking at Nolan’s work in the gallery challenged them and prompted many questions.

Painting with earth pigments and paints and using charcoal to draw with was a new experience and resulted in a collaborative painting on paper - and hands - and arms!

A quiet descended as the girls became more involved in their own paintings, totally absorbed in the moment, painting with confidence, flat on the floor like Nolan did. They were happy and interested and creative and funny.

It was great to meet you all 85th Birmingham Guides. Thanks for bringing your energy and fresh eyes to The Rodd – to help us see the beauty and diversity of the landscape here and the thrill of creativity.

Thank you to Guide leaders Jackie and Katie, Katrina at Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, Jo Dainty from Rooted Forest School and Community Transport in Birmingham. 

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Arts Council England