Artists' Camps 2017

Each summer we host students, graduates and staff from art colleges and universities across the UK. In the spirit of the Sydney Artists' Camps of more than a century ago, and of Sidney Nolan's own vision for The Rodd, these week-long 'camps' offer participants the chance to walk, talk, review their practice, experiment and share ideas with each other and the public. 

Curlew Camp in Sydney was one such artist camp of the late 19th century. A walk has been recreated there tracing the journey of the artists from the ferry where they disembarked to their campsite. To echo this, the Sidney Nolan Trust is creating an artists' walk around its boundary which will also connect with major long distance routes such as Mortimer Trail and Offa's Dyke. This hopes to allow visiting artists to recreate that connection with the land usually experienced mainly by agricultural workers.     


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Arts Council England