Graduate Residencies - h.Art

10 - 18 September 2016

During h.Art we are hosting four graduate artists - from Hereford College of Arts, University of Worcester and Slade School of Fine Art.  They will be on site and around the farm all week, and we heartily encourage visitors to the exhibition to stop by and chat to them about their practice and what they are investigating during their residency.

On Saturday 17th September Yuyu and Tess will be hosting a drop-in workshop, so please do get involved if you come visit.

Visit The Green Room to follow their progress.

Ciarrai McShane is a Belfast Born artist currently based in the West Midlands. She has spent the last few years working with new and upcoming artists in Belfast’s contemporary art scene. As a recent Fine Art graduate from Hereford College of Arts, she is currently working towards combining her artistic practice and health and social care experience. She hopes to help people engage in creative activities as a means of supporting individuals and communities. 

Yuyu Wang was born in Shan Xi, China, now she is working and living in London. Recently, she just finished her Master of Fine Art course at the sculpture department of Slade School of Fine Art. Her work explores the understanding of the world through physical senses. She attempts to transfer her body’s self-perception onto inanimate objects and optical space. Her practice involves performance, sculpture, installation, drawing, moving image, and artist book.

Harriet Carter’s current practice focuses on investigating the phenomena of light, using painting and printmaking to explore different methods of representing what we see and experience in light occurrences. She is about to embark on an MRes at Worcester University.

Tess E. McKenzie is a London-based Australian artist, and a recent MA graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art, London. In 2015 she received the Sir Arthur Sims Traveling Scholarship to support her postgraduate studies. Other awards include a Slade Print Fair award, an Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant and an Australia Council Artstart grant. McKenzie has exhibited regularly - both in the UK and internationally - since completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne in 2009.

Tess E. McKenzie’s practice navigates elements of choreography or gesture, theatre design and the tenuous relationship between repetition and anxiety. Central to her work is an engagement with repetition, employed not only to evoke a notion of the absurd, but also to explore and dissect a linear understanding of the timescale and duration involved in viewing filmic works. Her current practice can largely be viewed within the context of collage, involving manipulation of the dimensionality of materials, layering of various assembled elements and careful articulation of the textural qualities of the components of the piece.  

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