This residency takes on a new experimental format with artists walks commencing in January and the residency developing with artist's visits in March and April and events continuing into May. The residency itself will occur at the beginning of April. Distinguished speakers, artists, walkers as well as groups from the neighbouring conurbations will be invited to take part. The following notes elaborate the core themes.

The landscape surrounding The Rodd is a visible legacy to the human effort that has established shelter and produced food for thousands of years. Today as both working farm and centre for the creative arts, The Rodd is the ideal place to discuss the relationship (symbiotic and conflicting) between artistic practice and our appreciation and connection to the land. “Lines in the landscape” will draw parallels between location specific artists (such as de Vries and Nash) and those living rurally; both of whom make intimate knowledge, through working and walking, of a piece of land their life’s work; and explore the balance of working the earth for physical and mental nourishment.

  •  Using the only resources available to us; the earth itself, we will work with artists and musicians to define the planet’s surface in our “Place on the Earth” and use the process of walking to restore a pace in our lives, we will create the time and space to reground our thoughts on the complexities of what it means to be a human stepping through the 21st century.
  • Drawing from The Trust’s established relationship with young people from inner city communities the Trust will invite artists whose practice is exclusively associated with an urban setting to create work within the rural landscape of The Rodd. Through disciplines such as graffiti, parkour and flashmobbing, artists will investigate the common ground between rural and urban inhabitants in relation to issues such as isolation, territory and empowerment.
  • In any culture, it is virtually impossible to step off the well-trodden path of walk as metaphor. Over the period of the residency a path in the landscape of The Rodd will be established through the impact of daily repetitive footfall. This creative process will generate discussion on the importance of a walk as an experience that cannot be replicated and explore what is lost and gained in the endeavour to mark and record a route.
  • Mind walks will explore how the imagination can liberate those whose capacity to walk is, for whatever reason, limited. The initial exploration will utilise speech and film to explore the approach as a pilot study for future investigation and development.

We will be inviting artists, participants and visitors to use the handle #LinesintheLandscape through social media so that we can track responses beyond The Rodd. Track #LinesintheLandscape and check into the Green Room:Blog to follow the journey with us.

Photo credit: Natalie Ramus

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