Kate Green

Walking and making written responses throughout the period of January - April 2017... and beyond.

"I have always loved to walk, but when I started walking again after an illness last year it was with a new intention.  I wanted to regain control of a journey on which, under the pretence of being given a gift, I felt so much had been taken from me.  I required recalibration and I thought I might achieve this if I returned to a walking pace.  My body had failed me; how could I ever learn to trust it again?  Maybe by propelling my tiny shape across the surface of the Earth, by making indentations with my feet, by casting a moving shadow, I would be able to reaffirm my existence; to blend my internal and external landscape.  And so, as a consequence of simply placing one foot in front of the other, again and again, an unexpected path has appeared before me: Lines in the Landscape."

Kate Green is an artist who sees walking as an integral part of her practice. Kate has been walking the landscape and writing reflective responses which have been published on our blog since January. Her contribution is ongoing throughout the Lines in the Landscape project.  Kate’s thinking and commentary on the project will provide a common thread for others to engage with the process.

Kate has also been working alongside artist and Sidney Nolan Trust Trustee, Anthony Collier to develop a series of mind walks.  Anthony Collier is unable to walk which raises an interesting discussion in relation to what a walk actually is and how walks can be experienced. This joint exploration is ongoing, and whilst there will be a sharing of this work how this will be achieved is part of their research.

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