River Bend international residency

30 May – 6 June 2013

This innovative, cross art form residency brought together four leading individuals from China, Japan, France and Scotland. 

Musician and composer Yang Jing is a renowned ‘pipa’ virtuoso. The pipa is a short-necked Chinese lute. She combines her love for the millennium-old tradition of Chinese music with an innovative spirit of exploration, drawing on a vast amalgam of musical history from both Asian and Western traditions.

Sculptor Jessica Harrison lives and works in Scotland, having completed her MA and PhD at Edinburgh College of Art. Her principal media are stone, porcelain and silicone and her work to date has explored the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body.

John Aldus is a French sculptor, painter, photographer and multimedia artist living in London. He is engaged in examining the role of art and its mechanisms in contemporary society.

Hiroko Tsuji is the former Director of the Hishio Centre for Cultural Exchange in Katsuyama, one of Japan’s leading venues for international artist residencies and exhibitions.

Artist Lois Hopwood who lives and works close to The Rodd joined the residency as collaborator and  film maker. 

Film maker Nathan Williams of The Rural Media Company joined the residency for a day. His film, Ataraxia, can be viewed here

The residency offered the participants an opportunity to discuss ideas, methods and techniques as well as the chance to work individually or collaboratively. The theme of ‘River Bend’ informed the week, inspired both by the River Hindwell which wends its way down the valley in which The Rodd is situated, and by Sidney Nolan’s iconic work of the same name, now installed in a major new gallery, MONA, in Tasmania. On the final day of the residency the artists shared their residency outcomes through talks, a performance and film screening with an audience of 40 artists and practitioners. Professor Peter Wiegold, Head of Music Research at Brunel University and Director of the Institute of Composing, visited on the final day and performed with Yang Jing during the final event. 

Supported By

Arts Council England