Richard Harris, Martin McNally,

Wycliffe Stutchbury, Masa Suzuki

Residency event - Saturday 19 July 2014, 5.00pm

We plan to go ahead with an event this afternoon at 5pm. If the weather is terrible we will stay in the Grain Barn where there are some works to see, including some animated film. Do join us if you can! 

Join us on Saturday to hear from our resident artists about their week at The Rodd. Admission free, refreshments available. Please come to the main entrance, park in the field as directed and follow signs. Please email us if you plan to attend. We will walk to Rodd Wood across a couple of fields so please wear suitable footwear (to cope with thistles, cow pats etc!). Given the weather forecast, we will post any changes to our plans on the website during the afternoon and will be in the office to take phone calls. Fingers crossed!

Masa Suzuki originally trained as a busshi, a Buddha carver. In this tradition there is an idea that there is a spirit residing within every tree, and the task of a carver is simply to recognize the spirit and carve out its form from the tree in the shape of a Buddha. 

Land artist Richard Harris is continuing his interaction with the landscape of The Rodd throughout this year. Described as one of the few sculptors who really does make his sculpture from and for a site his work also has strong connections to architecture and lines of the natural and human landscape, creating places for people to move through, over, or to stop a while.

Originally a furniture maker, Wycliffe Stutchbury is concerned with the struggle between our desire to impose form on the natural world and its unwillingness to conform. The physical world corrupts and distorts our efforts to suppress, edit or frame it. The title for his work is provided by the location that the timber is found. How it has responded to its surroundings and environment is central to the narrative.

Martin McNally works as Project Officer for Reel Access, the Birmingham based film education and training organisation. With a degree in Fine Art from the University of Southampton (Winchester School of Art) he continues to practise with personal projects and exhibitions. 

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