Celia Johnson - The Fecund Line

A response to Sidney Nolan's Paradise Garden

25 June - 9 July 2016  11am - 4pm Monday - Saturday, closed Sundays

This new work by Hereford-based artist Celia Johnson, begun while she was in Residence at the Rodd in August 2015, is a collection of collages, assemblages and drawings. Informed by the site, she has taken inspiration from - and sometimes appropriated pages from - Sidney Nolan’s 1971 book of prints, drawings and poems ‘Paradise Garden’.  Art critic and friend of Nolan’s, Robert Melville, introducing the book at its publication, wrote that “it should be called a bestiary of wild flowers, for these specimens are the gorgons, salamanders , griffons, chameleons, dragons and phoenixes of the plant world”.

Celia Johnson - site responsive multi-disciplinary fine artist
My practice is process and project based and uses walking and drawing to initially explore a particular environment and community. Developing work, both situated and studio based, that creates a dialogue between different media and new narratives to map the experience of place and its interconnection with personal and community memory/identities. www.celia-johnson.com

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