Nana Shiomi

Talk / demonstration: contemporary Japanese woodcut prints

Saturday 19 July 2014 / 2.30pm / The Gallery / £7.50

"I am neither a painter nor a sculptor, but a printmaker.  For me this is a statement. Every profession bestows on its practitioners a way of looking at things, an outlook on life.  I honestly believe that all I know about the mysteries of life, I have learnt through my plates and prints.

I use both very traditional Japanese methods of printing, similar to those used by ukiyo-e printers, and also very modern techniques, materials and tools. The traditional tools are beautiful and pleasant to use, but they are difficult to find and expensive. Modern tools are very practical, easy to find, and easy to maintain."

We are delighted to welcome the distinguished printmaker Nana Shiomi RE to the Trust. She gives a short introductory talk at 2.30pm, followed by a demonstation of her technique. To reserve a place please email us

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