Print Studio sessions

Saturdays: 21 May - FULLY BOOKED  

/ 28 May / 4 June / 23 July / 13 August / 10 September 

10.30am - 4.00pm   Tutor: Mike Clements   Venue: Print Studio

These workshops are aimed at adults.  They are strongly recommended for beginners who hope eventually to become a regular user of the Sidney Nolan Trust's print studio as well as for experienced printmakers wishing to become users of the Trust’s print studio. 

Saturday 21 May 2016: using the full-size etching press

Great experience for all and essential for those wanting to use the Trust’s printmaking studio regularly.

Saturday 28 May: larger scale prints using the full-size etching press

A chance to to make prints up to A3 size & beyond.  Ideal for those aiming to become regular users of the Trust’s studio. 

Saturday 4 June: editioning prints

Learn the techniques for making identical editions of prints. 

Saturday 23 July: prints for exhibiting

Refine your skills & learn how to produce exhibitable prints.

Saturday 13 August

Gain the skills required to become a regular user of the Trust’s print studio; benefit from our tutor’s experience to solve problems.

Saturday 10 September: Print Studio Open Day

Studio open to visitors to the h.Art printmaking and book arts exhibition in the Gallery.  top of page

Mike Clements is a printmaker and book artist who exhibits regularly, both at the Trust and elsewhere. His work is in public and private collections, including the Tate Gallery, the Minnesota Centre for the Book and Glasgow University.  Mike has been the Trust's printmaking tutor for the past twelve years. He has run scores of workshops for the Trust, including the Trust's regular introductory printmaking series each spring. The latter are aimed both at newcomers to printmaking and at those with a rusty knowledge who need refresher printmaking training as preparation for using the Trust's press or joining a print studio elsewhere. Mike also runs the open studio days, where newcomers can gain experience of using the Trust's print facilities and undergo the Trust's health & safety briefing, essential for those intending to become regular users of the Trust's printmaking facilities. 

Mike co-ordinates the Trust's Screen Printing group which meets regularly through the summer months. He also runs specialist printmaking workshops for the Trust on:

Solar Plate - Mike has been using and teaching solar (or photoplymer) plate printmaking for the past decade and has run many workshops on it for the Trust and elsewhere;

Cork Printmaking - Mike began exploring cork as a medium for relief and intaglio prints nearly 20 years ago and has developed many innovations, some of which have been published in "Printmaking Today", the professional journal for UK printmakers; 

Embossing - using the power of the etching press to create three-dimensional images on paper. Again, Mike has developed over many years special techniques that expand the range of possibilities for using embossing in printmaking. top of page

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