h.Art 9-17 September 2017

This art week we have four graduates from Slade, Hereford and Birmingham working on site at The Rodd. Come along between 11 am and 5 pm  and chat with them about their work. All artists are keen to engage with the public. 

When you arrive we have a map which will direct you to where the artists are based on the site of The Rodd. 

The artists are: Cowdinsky, Halina Dominska, Lotte Scott & Sandra Lane

We asked the artists to tell us a little about their practice.

Cowdinsky says of his work: Smuggling artwork both in and out of the conventional gallery space, works often become hawked within everyday environments to create unexpected experiences. Influenced by Marcel Duchamp, Cowdinsky plays to the gallery through de-contextualisation, merging the boundaries between art and life. Cowdinsky has been hailed by his mum as the greatest contemporary artist of our time, creating unforgettable humorous works that are influenced by the deadly serious relationship between the artist and institution, originality and authorship. Revealing unsettling scenes that mimic authority and twist power roles, his material sources are varied, yet playing to the gallery is always high-priority. Cowdinsky can sometimes be a showman, council maintenance worker, art director and a professional trickster.

Halina Dominska Born in Chippenham, Wiltshire, in 1974. Currently living and working in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Halina studied at Birmingham City University across Fine Art and Design and Visual communication courses (2012-2016). 

She describes herself as a 'hybrid' artist creating interactive soft sculpture and installation. She says of her work:

"My process begins with a fascination for a subject matter often relating to our existence. Reading, lost in thought, can travel to many tangents, visual research turning to pencil drawing to model making, material and construction research and tests to further reading, visits, where the work continually evolves. I take a hands on approach to  exploring textural materials, gradients of colour, form and scale often relating to the skin of humans and other species, plant and animal. I wish to uncover the hidden in the everyday, the invisible, the unconscious, the point where boundaries are crossed. My practice deals with how we experience the world around us and our connections with it. Created responsive tactile spaces often evoke opposing emotional responses. Influenced by phenomenological ideas and how our embodied sensory experience shapes us as human beings. Movement and sensory illusion in its varying forms play an important role. Research crosses divergent fields including philosophical, interaction design, medical, psychological and biological. Each artwork is strongly influenced by the audience experience.

Lotte Scott  was born in London in 1990 and grew up in Somerset. She studied BA Art Practice at Goldsmiths University, graduating in 2012. This summer she completed an MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Art. She now lives between Macclesfield and Somerset. Lotte Scott’s artwork explores place, time and material. She is interested in Common Ground’s notion of Local Distinctiveness, particularly in relation to her home county of Somerset. For the last five years Lotte practice has focused on the peat moors of the Somerset Levels, an area rich in prehistoric archaeology. She is interested in processes of transformation and preservation in relation to this waterlogged, intensely managed landscape. Lotte works with photography, sculpture and drawing, using torrified wood, charcoal, beeswax and peat gathered from the Levels.

Sandra Lane graduated with BA Hons Fine Art Drawing from Camberwell College of Art in 2013. She received the Camberwell/Acme Studio Award 2013/14 finishing with her first solo show at Bearspace Gallery, Deptford the same year. She has just completed an MFA in Sculpture at Slade School of Art. She says of her work: “I’m interested in how objects hold ideas, presence, feelings. I work intuitively with materials making abstract forms to which I’ve recently added recognisable shapes - ceramic shoes, cigarette ends, hair. I like the way they plant a presence and how these objects separated from a body or person become abstracted. A cigarette stub becomes a gesture, an outsize bag looks defeated, shoes carry suggestions of attitude. Playing with the scale of these objects further shifts their meaning and how they’re viewed.”

This week we will be adding photographs of the artists in action and sharing these on social media alongside some of the artists thoughts about their process here at The Rodd. It was Sidney Nolan's wish that artists would be able to come to the Rodd and engage with the place and space and its landscape. We have handed this mantle to these four artists for these nine days of Herefordshire Art Week. Come along and experience how they take this challenge on.  


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