Ramus//Johnson Collaboration

Full Moon Walks

This collaborative work explores areas of shared interest in the practices of both artists: walking as an embodied, gendered practice, the body as a battery of memory and the female response to – and connection with – the earth in lunar time.

The Full Moon Walks are durational works informed by:

  • The relationship between the female body and the earth: “Women can, and do, identify the forms of our own bodies with the undulations of the earth – the hills and sacred mountains which were the first gardens and the first temples. Our menstrual cycles are moon determined, therefore related to the earth’s magnetic energies and to the ocean’s tides.” (Lippard, L. ‘Overlay’, The New Press, New York, 1983.)
  • The exploration of the gendered art practice of walking as “laying claim to space without having it” (Lajer-Burcharth, E, “Duchess of Nothing: Video Space and the Woman Artist” in Armstrong, C and de Zegher, C, ed., Women Artists in the Millenium, MIT 2006).

Though collaborative, this work continues Celia Johnson’s ‘Nightwalk’ research and Natalie Ramus’ ongoing investigation into the materiality of the body and durational performance.

Find out more about each artist's practice by visiting their websites. Click here for Celia Johnson and here for Natalie Ramus.


Supported By

Arts Council England