Full Moon Walk #1

10 May 2017


20:58   Found the moon.

21:25   Stood in field, looked at Moon.

21:30   Rocked by Great-Oak. Bluebells and white flowers, like constellations.

21:32   Celia texts children.

21:38   Body on branch. Cradled and rocked.

21:39   Sounds as our bodies adjust.

21:42   Woodland quieting. Birds poignant.

22:03   Very warm. Eyes adjust to darkness. Moon so bright.

22:04   Nat almost fell. Didn’t wee. Vivid white flowers. Almost fake.

22:13   Stepped into the cold.

22:18   Sheep in farm sound like men gargling or a rave or being shot.

22:22   Dark woods.

            Sat silently for five minutes.

            Sat writing for five minutes.

23:02   Celia wees at gateway at bottom of woods. Sense of achievement at making it to the bottom.

23:23   Nat wee’d by her tree. We have reached the river.

            Sat writing for five minutes.

            Began to feel tired. Walked back.

00:10   Walked into today.


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