Drawing with boundary

Saturday 17 September from 2.00pm

Call in to The Rodd today and join Yuyu Wang's drawing workshop emphasising the process of drawing. It uses pencil drawing to explore the tension between control and losing control, setting up boundaries and breaking boundaries. There will be no limit about what people draw. The workshop consists of four sections, each having its rule:

1            Drawing on ‘Tian zi ge’.

2            Using ruler to draw everything.

3            Using one line to finish a drawing.

4            Using 100 lines to finish a drawing.

Materials: Pencil, drawing paper, ruler, ‘Tian zi ge’.

('Tian zi ge' is a kind of Chinese hand writing practice paper. It frequently had been used in the early education in China, to help students adjust and correct handwriting characters.)

Yuyu Wang:

I used a ruler to dominate the pencil when I drew a straight line, the speed of moving the pencil would become slower when the line nearly reach the length that I counted in mind.

My feet felt the coldness of the water go through my boots when I walked cross the river.

My right hand held the pencil and tested different strengths of pushing, suddenly, the nib of the pencil broke.

I sat on the glass and suddenly found my trousers became wet.

The line is too thin, then I covered it by another stronger line.

I heard the sound of animals from the farm and heard them gradually disappear through wind.

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